About Us


The 35th Infantry Division Association is a 501c4 organization located at:
P O Box 5004,
Topeka, Kansas 66605.
It is chartered under the Articles of Incorporation, State of Kansas, dated December 13, 1960.
Its mission is to foster and promote the memories, incidents of service, and friendships of all those who have served in the 35th Division, in war and in peace.


Executive Power

The executive power of the 35th Division Association is vested in the Executive Committee, elected annually.

Elected officers include the President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, 3rd Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. Also elected are a Chaplain, Judge Advocate, and Sergeant-at-Arms.
Committees appointed by the President include the following: 
    • Hall of Fame Committee
    • Museum Committee
    • Nominating Committee
    • Conference Planning Committee
    • Publicity Committee
    • Publications Committee
    • Historical Committee
    • International Liaison Committee
    • Orphans, Widows, & Families Committee
    • Website Committee

2018-2019 Elected Officers

BG (Ret) Alex Duckworth
Immediate Past President
COL (Ret) Robert Dalton  
         1st VP
BG Anthony Mohatt
2nd VP
COL (Ret) Calvin Warrem
3rd VP
Chaplain (LTC)
John Potter
 COL (Ret) Robert Bloomquist
Judge Advocate
COL (Ret) Angelo Demos
CW4 (Ret) Carl Bush
Mr. Richard O'Brien
Roberta Russo
COL Dirk Christian 
Hall of Fame
BG (Ret) Ed Gerhardt
 Museum Trust
MG (Ret) Jack Strukel, Jr, Chairman 
 Mr. Murray Leff,
Committee Chair
Mike Ven


                                         Executive Committee


MG (Ret) John Davoren

MG (Ret) M. Wayne Pierson

 Paula Evans Baker

Judy Bradford

BG (Ret) Ed Gerhart 

BG (Ret) Robert Windham

Pat Cook

Curtis Cook

COL (Ret) Mike Lind

COL Chris Mickan

Margaret Fenstermacher

Kathryn Frantz  

CW4 (Ret) Carl Bush

CSM (Ret) William Luse

Lloyd Frey

Victoria Frisenda

CSM (Ret) Tim Newton

CSM (Ret) Dale Putman  

James Graff

Holli Harwell

CSM (Ret) Viviano Reveles

Patricia Faulkner Harwell

Marilyn Bowers Jensen


Roberta Russo

Marilyn Graff Smith



Mike Ven 

Ben Weber

(All Past Presidents are members of the Executive Committee)

Executive Secretary

The 35th Division Association executive secretary is COL (Ret) Bob Bloomquist, who is paid a small monthly stipend to manage the affairs of the Association. Please feel free to contact him at: 
Phone number: 785-234-2688    
Note: Email is the preferred method to contact COL (Ret) Bloomquist.